Hello from the RACECAR team! We are thrilled that you are here and want to learn about RACECAR where you can learn to program and create a self-drive model car. In this course, we will be working with a virtual RACECAR in a custom-built simulation. However, you can apply the lessons and labs to the physical RACECAR as well if you have access to it. Our simulation: This course is designed to teach you introductory topics in robotics and reinforce your knowledge of the Python programming language. However, the most important thing is that you have fun! We want this to be a fulfilling experience so please use our feedback forms to let us know how this course could be better.
Course Information
  • Type: Self-paced
  • Start Date: Jun 01, 2023
  • End Date: Jun 01, 2024
  • Duration: 53 Weeks