Serious Games with AI 2023

Welcome to Serious Games with Artificial Intelligence (SGAI) at the Beaver Works Summer Institute (BWSI). In this course, you will learn to use game-like models and artificial intelligence to tackle complex socio-technical problems. You will address practical problems technically, analytically, and philosophically. This will be a hand-on course about applying programming skills to create automation to be part of human-machine teams. We use serious games (games for non-entertainment purposes) as a means to explore fundamental skills and issues with modern AI. What type of machine learning is best for an AI in a self-driving ambulance? What training data would it need to ethically and effectively function in different environments? Would you trust it to decide whether you are a human or a zombie? How would you organize your team and share your codebase? What is the best way to analyze and present your data? How should your automation share authority with a human? Wait, did you say zombies? All these questions and more will be asked (and maybe even answered) in this course. The course is about learning a variety of interconnected skills for completing an AI research or development project, including technical underpinnings, terminology, best practices, and practical ethics.
Course Information
  • Type: Self-paced
  • Start Date: Feb 01, 2023
Course Instructor