Chrissy Glover

Chrissy is passionate about developing assistive wearable technology for individuals with disabilities. This interest started while in college at the Savannah College of Art and Design, where she studied textile and apparel design and gained further exposure to wearable tech and assistive technology through internships at MIT. Chrissy completed a design and technology Masters program at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, where she worked on various wearable sensing and soft robotics research projects at the Harvard Biodesign Lab. Most recently, Chrissy spun out soft robotic glove technology developed in the lab by founding a startup focused on hand rehabilitation for stroke survivors. She enjoys the field of textile-based wearable technology as it allows her to marry her diverse interests in design and engineering in her work, and she gets excited whenever she identifies a problem that can be solved with a wearables-based solution. Outside of work, Chrissy enjoys getting outside in almost any way possible, including biking, hiking, rock + ice climbing, fishing, and backpacking. She is excited to share this exciting field with students as she would have loved to have learned about it in high school, and she can’t wait to see what students develop for their final projects!

Courses taught by Chrissy Glover