Autonomous Air Vehicle Racing 2024

Welcome to the Beaver Works Summer Institute Autonomous Air Vehicle Racing course online pre-requisite materials. These components are designed to prepare students for the 4 week summer course, and are to be completed before arrival on campus this summer.  This online curriculum will contain the foundational knowledge required for learning the techniques and algorithms that will be covered during the Summer Institute course.  Online students will learn the basic mathematical principles and computer skills that are required for designing algorithms and writing software for autonomous quadrotor platforms. At the completion of this online curriculum, students will be prepared to complete the hands on exercises and projects that will be presented during the 4 week Beaver Works Summer Institute Autonomous Air Vehicle Racing course (often referred to in short-hand as "BWSI UAV").

Course Information
  • Type: Self-paced
  • Start Date: Feb 01, 2024
Course Instructor