Iv Robinson

Iv (rhymes with “give”) is an Associate Embedded Security Engineer at the MITRE Corporation in Bedford, MA. He graduated from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in 2023 with a BS and MS in Computer Science. At MITRE, Iv does security research and analysis on embedded systems, with a focus on reverse engineering. He loves all forms of cybersecurity and hacking — from web to physical — because breaking a system necessitates a deeper understanding of how it works than using it normally. 2024 will be Iv’s third year as an instructor for BWSI Embsec. He’s consistently amazed by the brilliance of the students, and aims to bring them the intense, exciting learning environment in which they thrive. Former students have described him as “a cool guy”, “divine”, “based”, and “mentally unstable”, labels he will strive to live up to this year.

Courses taught by Iv Robinson